In வகைப்படுத்தப்படாதவை

இவங்கல்லாம் பேசுறதக் கேளுங்க

Spiro Agnew - Hippies

Anwar al-Sadat - Peace

Apollo 11 - The Eagle Has Landed

Apollo 11 - One Small Step For Man

Apollo 13 - Houston We Have a Problem

P.T. Barnum - 1890 Commercial

Battle of Midway - Eyewitness Account

Marlon Brando - Offer He Can't Refuse

William Jennings Bryan - The Republic

George Bush - Death of Communism

Johnny Carter - Nomination

Fidel Castro - Ambition

Fidel Castro - Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro - We Have The Power

Neville Chamberlain - Meeting With Hitler

Winston Churchill - Finest Hour

Bill Clinton - Renewal

Calvin Coolidge - America and the War

Calvin Coolidge - Duty of Government

James Dean - Tearing Me Apart

John Dulles - Free People Will Never Remain Free

Amelia Earhart - Aviation

Amelia Earhart - Women

Thomas Edison - Electricity and Progress

Albert Einstein - E=mc^2

Albert Einstein - Non-Violence

Albert Einstein - Nuclear Weapons

Albert Einstein - World Peace

Robert Frost - Fire and Ice

Mahatma Gandhi - Soldier of Peace

Bill Gates - Vision

Lou Gehrig - Luckiest Man

Hermann Goering - Dimitrov

Hermann Goering - Prussian State Council

Hermann Goering - Stalingrad

Samuel Gompers - Labor's Service to Freedom

Che Guevara - Speech 1

Che Guevara - Speech 2

Che Guevara - Speech 3

Al Gore - Internet

Adolf Hitler - Announcement of his death

Adolf Hitler - War Declaration

Lyndon Johnson - All Men Are Equal

Edward Kennedy - Eulogy for Robert

John F. Kennedy - Cuban Missile Crisis

John F. Kennedy - Announcement that he had been shot

John F. Kennedy - Announcement of his death

Robert Kennedy - What We Need

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream

Vladimir Lenin - 1918 Speech

The Life Alert Commercial "Help I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Charles Lindbergh - No Intervention (1941)

Charles Lindbergh - Seeing Europe

Douglas MacArthur - Fade Away

Malcolm X - Conditions in the Ghetto

Malcolm X - By Any Means

Malcolm X - Open Revolt

Malcolm X - No Unity

Malcolm X - White Man is the Enemy

Nelson Mandela - Freedom For All

Joseph McCarthy - Jackals

Joseph McCarthy - One and the Same

Joseph McCarthy - Traitors are not Gentlemen

Margaret Mead - Women's Work

Richard Nixon - 1971 State of the Union Address

Al Pacino - Scarface

Pearl Harbor Attack - BBC Announcement

Pearl Harbor Attack - CBS Announcement

Pearl Harbor Attack - NBC Announcement

Robert Edwin Peary - North Pole

John Pershing - Fighting For You

Dan Quayle - Representative

Ronald Reagan - Government is the Problem

Paul Reubens - Take a Picture

John D. Rockefeller Jr. - Address

Eleanor Roosevelt - Freedom and Justice

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Declaration of War Against Japan

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Inaugural Address

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 1940 Democratic National Convention Speech

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Announcing Beginning of World War 2

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Requesting War on Japan

Theodore Roosevelt - Social and Industrial Justice

Theodore Roosevelt - The Right of the People to Rule

Ernest Shackleton - My South Polar Expedition

Josef Stalin - Address

Josef Stalin - Fight Fascists

Josef Stalin - Germany

Gloria Steinem - Humanism

William Howard Taft - The Rights of Labor

Margaret Thatcher - Falkland Islands

President Truman - Atomic Bombing of Japan

President Truman - Threatening Japan

Woodrow Wilson - 1915 Speech to Indians

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  1. அருமையான பதிவு, மோகன்தாஸ் அவர்களே!

    மன்னர் எட்வர்ட் VIII, அரச பதவியைக் காதலுக்குக்காகத் துறக்கும்போது, அவர் ஆற்றும் உரை எனக்கு மிகவும் பிடித்த ஒன்று. அதையும் இங்கு இணைத்தால், நன்றாக இருக்கும் என நினைக்கிறேன்.



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