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மோகனீயம் - Sindhu Perspective

It was supposed to be a normal dull normal day in middle of hot summer, but that day changed my life - for better or worse - upside down. I just came back from college outright tired desiring a filter coffee and usually I get to see my mom in the house, watching television, reading a book or doing unimportant boring activity. She has - or at least what I thought - routine housewife life whose husband and my dad is in a high level position in Indian Intelligence Bureau. Because of his position my father couldn't mange the day to day household chores, she handled it pretty neatly, maintaining everything on her own, I always thought they were happy couple, spending their weekends in one or the other social dinners and parties. Once in a month their social get together happens in our house with booze and dance flowing like a mad river, and I have seen them jell with each other, dance and laugh uncontrollably. I have never seen them argue, fight or quarrel about anything I thought she was an obedient wife, which is kind of a requirement for Indian wives I suppose, even in 21st Century, but my father was as liberal as an Indian father could be. I would say my mom looks remarkably young for her age, she got married when she was 16 years old and had me when she was in her teens. It was quite a shock for me when I went to check for my mom in the first floor - our house is a two story building and we lived in the ground floor - which is rented by a young fellow named Visu, who works for a very famous multinational consultancy company and rarely goes to office. I have no idea why I choose to do that, she seldom visits to my knowledge, we never had any conversation about Visu. There is no reason for me to think that my mom would be there in first floor. And it was not like Visu and I know each other, or talk to each other or something in that sort. Besides I always thought Visu was little weird for his age on the very few occasions we met.

It was quite a visual, my mom was on her knees in front of Visu who just had his fly opened. Other than for his fly opening he is completely dressed, as well as my mom in her admirable fetching yellow saree, my mom was sucking his penis so passionately as if that's what she born for and caressing his balls with her hands, I could see his right hand holding my mom's beautifully maintained hair so sturdy, and he was controlling the whole situation like a puppeteer. I could hear the Rihanna song 'work' playing in the room to almost silence. He made her lick his penis head for a minute, and shove the whole damn thing down her throat and hold it for a minute. He let her take a breather for a second or two, then shoving it back in. I watched this whole ordeal from the bedroom window which was opened moderately, I could see tears running down from her mascaraed eyes because of the gagging. As she pushed herself forward her throat contracting around his penis, making his penis  constricted by gripping the root, he moaned, moaned shudderingly, I could feel him crying with pleasure, its all ended when shot a load of cum on her face. She watched him shoot the load with tremendous pleasure, helped him point his cock to her face, once its almost done she took the cock back to her mouth and sucking the last drops of his cum, then she started cleaning every bit of his dick by running her tongue down. He noticed my presence as he looked into the window, for whatever mystifying reasons he didnt utter anything to mom, I took that time to leave them to their oblivion.

Life has been miserable ever since the imbroglio, I couldnt take that image of my mom giving blow job to a stranger out of my mind. That too to a person of my age - or almost he should be four or five years elder to me - I was disconsolate enough I needed at least a bath to cheer me up. Bath didnt help, I was washing myself multiple times as if I am trying to wipe out that image. How could I remove something that struck me so deep it became part of me. Came out of the bath and to my surprise I saw my mom just entering the room, I was completely naked. I didnt try to hide even with my hand.

She said "I am sorry Sindhu, I didnt know you were taking bath." trying to turn away from me, she always gave me my privacy, as this almost never happened after I have grown up. At least a towel or brassiere and definitely a pantie. I had so much respect, indisputable admiration for her before that incident, that couldnt diminish in half an hour whatever that incident may be, she is what you could call a perfect Indian mother, not a millennial mother who is like a best friend of her only daughter. She is kind of a traditional one, who didnt give all the freedom in the world, I could say she is very strict, uncompromising border line authoritarian. That doesnt mean she didnt like me, she meant to protect me from all the bad in the world. I understand the sacrifices she has to do in order to send me to all the singing and dance classes. Until few years ago she will be always there for all the classes, to drop me pick me up. Loved the way she took care of me she ran the household in near perfect state. I brooded over that incident, I wished it was just an occasional dalliance.

"Thats alright Amma, give me a minute" I said, trying to cover me up with a towel. I didnt know whether Visu told her about what I saw, I wish he didnt. I needed time to process the information just got available to me.

"You were supposed to come from college by this time, so I was looking for you. You took bath in the morning, what happened? Are you alright" she asked. My gut feeling was that Visu didnt tell her anything. There is some chance that even after he told her she is still trying to hide that from me, my mind negated that chance. My mind conflated various ideas including adultery, threatening or just pure love but denouement of the mind was still ambivalent and I couldnt come to a conclusion. Even though an ephemeral the incident was an epiphany - a sudden realization - that I dont know her at all. What I was going through was ineffable even to my mind. Ingenue word popped up in my mind when I was thinking about her, but she was completely opposite, not young, and very much sophisticated. 

"Nothing Amma, I just want to clear something out of my mind."

My comely demure mom must have cleaned herself before started looking for me, I thought, all the cum from the blowjob is gone now. She looked fabulous and irresistible, without any make-up, she is a natural beauty with her thigh length hair complimenting her round face. Her big eyes and dark eyebrows gave a unique and spellbinding look, little bit of mascara made her already dazzling eyes enchanting. The evanescent memory is almost impossible to hold on to, the condemnation I felt is fast disappearing. But it had another exert influence on my mind, I started to have an obscene untoward feeling for my mom, still vestigial but beginning to grow on me. By this time I wrapped myself with the towel, she scanned my whole body for few minutes - top to toe - she must be proud of what she has so efficaciously produced. An attractive young, bubbly and state of art Tamil girl, gorgeous and glowing youth, she was always proud of what I have accomplished through my singing and dancing, but glimpse of my avant-garde naked body should make her proud of my body as well.

"Please dry your hair Sindhu, otherwise you will get cold." I was about to do that with blow dryer, but as she picked another towel from cub-board and I was very much in need of her touch I didnt oppose the idea of her drying my hair manually. As I sat down on the edge of the bed she started drying her her, my head touched her boobs in the process, I could feel the how sturdy they were. She could clearly see my cleavage from her view, I quickly wrapped the towel around the boobs. I am pretty sure she was not interested in it, she left the towel with me and said. "Okay now get it done. I will make some evening snacks for you." immediately left that room.

I initially thought of following her surreptitiously. But I was absolutely aroused by the nature of the serendipity.

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